Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Friend CRON...

OK another dry post but hey.. this is not the Life and Times of Someone Exciting.. sorry. I was at work minding my own business when I realized that my little automated email was not there waiting in my inbox from several servers on Mondays when I came in. (Maybe it had a "Case of the Mundays" as described in the movie Office Space) Computers are like Marines. They are not supposed to choose what orders they follow and what ones they do not. I began to investigate.

Looking into the cron log (/var/log/cron) I noticed that NONE of the CRON jobs were running. I am on to something. I looked into the messages log and sure enough there was an entry "Authentication token is not longer valid; new one required". Clear as mud, of course. So I went to the worlds User Manual.. Google. It showed that there was an issue with the root user id. Huh? I just used it. Logging into the console with the root user id, I was greeted with a message that the id was aged out and would have to be changed! I DID NOT GET THIS WHEN I SU to the ROOT ACCOUNT! I changed the password and restarted the crond service. All good now..

As usual, I hope someone benefits from my stupidity.

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