Friday, October 17, 2008

Software Upgrade

Last night was the "Mans Night" at the Pub. I have not missed Mans Night in MONTHS. However, I was at work last night working on a "Software Upgrade". Working at a Government facility which requires 15 character passwords and changing from one network to another is cumbersome to say the least. So back to the upgrade. It takes 15 min to download, I have to burn a CD, transfer it to the server and then walk back to the office to begin the install process.

I begin the upgrade. It is on Tomcat. It is not working. They suggest D/L the file again. I say "NO". I checked the permissions on the D/L file that Tomcat was supposed to be working with. It is set to ROOT only. Duh. How can the Tomcat Service get to the file.
I change the permissions and restart Tomcat and Pow.. it works.

I am cutting out much cussing and other things that took place. I left @ 12:10 in the morning.

Needless to say, I will make sure I check the permissions from now on.

That is my tip for the day.

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