Tuesday, December 28, 2010

P2V and the GPT Disk.. Part 2

In the previous post I had installed the Double Take - Move product and synchronized the servers. Then on 12/27 I was able to execute the fail-over to the VM. I logged into the software and it gave the option of using one of the "point in time" replications or using "live data". Since I wanted to make sure that the copy was the most current possible I chose the "live data" option. Double Take then shut down the source server, finalized the target server and then rebooted the target and then was done. It was almost anti-climactic. I then installed VMware Tools (which the mouse driver gave me an issue.. not sure why) and then turned it over to the customer. They logged into the server and checked. The databases were online and a user checked the application. All was operating as advertised. Thank you DoubleTake for making me look good!

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