Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Time Coming

Ok.. So it has been a while since I have entered a post. It does not mean that I have not been doing anything. Quite the contrary. Now that I have had a chance to breathe I will begin entering some posts that will hopefully be of interest. They will probably be more on the lines of VMware ESX 4 and ESXi 4 since that is what I have been working with as of late. Without any further waste of time, here is the first post:

Setting up your own iSCSI...
The average person is probably thinking "What is iSCSI and why would I care" but the VMware folks in our midst are saying "Tell me more...". I needed to set up a VMware ESX environment at home to test ESXi 4 and some other VMware products. Working on a budget, I sourced a used Dell PE2850 and downloaded the free ESXi from VMware. Now back to the budget. I managed to get the server with 2 - 18GB disks but I did not have much in the way of money left for additional space. So out with the iSCSI solution. Since ESXi will connect to iSCSI over a normal Ethernet network I could add an larger SATA drive to a normal PC and then present it via the iSCSI software to the ESXi host and BANG.. more ESXi storage.

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